Welcome to General International!

With distribution centers located in Montreal, Quebec and Murfreesboro, Tennessee; GENERAL INTERNATIONAL MFG Co. Ltd. is a privately held Canadian company that specializes in the design, import and wholesale distribution of high quality woodworking and metal working machinery and related accessories.


Our mission has always been to provide our customers, be they professional industrial users, educational institutions, or dedicated hobbyists, with the best in quality, reliability and durability.


GENERAL INTERNATIONAL brand products are made to our specifications by our overseas manufacturing partners in Asia, primarily in Taiwan, and each machine is inspected and approved for shipment on the factory floor by our engineers.


We work with our manufacturing partners to meet or exceed all safety standards to offer you some of the safest products on the market today. All of our products are safety approved by CSA or CSA International for use everywhere in North America, or where applicable, CE approved for use in Europe.


In 2001, after hearing frequent comments and positive encouragement from potential customers for years, we began offering a list of quality metalworking machinery for the small to medium sized machine shop. Today you’ll find over three dozen product offerings in our metal working section, with more on the way.


In 2003 we acquired the assets of Sommerville Design, the manufacturers of the “Excalibur” brand of scroll saws and woodworking accessories. Now the renamed “Excalibur by GENERAL INTERNATIONAL” brand is a very successful and integral part of our product line-up.


In 2009 we became the first, and to date only manufacturer of table saws, to design and offer a true riving knife retrofit kit, for our older model 350 and 650 cabinet saws. Allowing owners of older versions of these models to upgrade to this new safety feature without having to buy a whole new saw.


Today, we continue building on our proud heritage, while looking ahead to find new and innovative ways to provide you with quality products that you can count on in your shop for years to come.


You won’t find GENERAL INTERNATIONAL products in every store, instead we partner with select retailers who stock and support the products they sell.


We don’t offer gimmicky marketing schemes that send you back a portion of your own money at some later date, or that oblige you to buy other products you may not need. We do our best to offer you the fairest price possible from the get-go, rather than hope you’ll forget to send in a rebate card later.


We don’t jump on the bandwagon for every new product change or idea that hits the market. We test and evaluate new ideas to determine if they really are improvements that have value and relevance to actually help you in your work.


But we do have some of the most reliable products available and we back them up with our commitment to quality and service.


Thank you for choosing GENERAL INTERNATIONAL – Please enjoy your visit!


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